Diverse has always been a family affair; first opened by Gabrielle Parker & her partner Gary Lincoln in the early 80s, before Gabrielle’s daughter Saskia took the wheel full-time in 2001. 

The founding store sat below the family’s Islington flat, stocking hand printed tee shirts designed by Gabrielle, Gary and Saskia. By the mid-1990s the boutique had relocated to a new townhouse location at 294 Upper St, which became a recognised North London landmark, renowned for stocking the very best designer clothing. The Upper Street doors stayed open for 28 fabulous years until we relocated to our current home in Tufnell Park. 

Although the store fronts have changed, the ethos has remained the same:
a family run business dedicated to bringing customers the very best that our international brands have to offer. Diverse emphasises quality over quantity, selecting pieces each season with Diverse’s dedicated clientele in mind. With over four decades experience under her belt, Saskia still loves working the shop floor: "the buzz of a good Saturday, along with the lifelong and customers from all walks of life, are what makes this job so much fun. Once a Saturday girl, always