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Every product we make is precious to us. From start to finish each step is carefully considered and each decision heavily weighed. No detail escapes us. We take great pride in creating beautiful product that we trust will bring you joy for years to come.




We begin every product initiative by sourcing the finest raw materials from around the world. We specialize in cashmere, one of the softest, most luxurious fibers in nature. For a century it has been considered the standard bearer for luxury knitwear everywhere. Cashmere is a natural, fine fiber obtained by combing the Hircus Laniger goat, a strong, active animal that lives in the extreme weather conditions of Mongolia. We have used the finest cashmere yarns from Scotland, Italy and China. We also specialize in pure silk knitwear. Silk is one of the world's oldest, most magnificent fibers, created in a continuous filament by the larvae of the Bombyx Mori moth, which feeds on the mulberry tree. Our core cashmere and silk yarns are top-dyed before being spun, ensuring a rich lustre and an exciting depth of colour . Unusually, our silk is heathered, further enhancing the intensity. Our yarn suppliers offer an unparalleled range of colours and weights. Fine shirtings are meticulously sourced from best-in-class mills in Italy, Switzerland, Japan and China. We fret over our materials.

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We partner with world-class knitwear manufacturers who are experts in the many techniques we employ such as intarsia, double jacquard, birdseye jacquard, fair isle, multi-coloured stripes, transfer ribs, pointelle, openwork, textured stitchwork, embroidery, applique, crochet and digital printing. Our partners are master craftsmen who bring our ideas to life with great skill, offering creative solutions that always improve upon our original concepts. We have manufactured knitwear in Scotland, Italy, China, Japan, Peru and the United States. Our shirts are proudly manufactured in New York City. We are passionate about craftsmanship.

We obsess over our use of colour, a joyous hallmark of the brand. Regardless of the product category or design application, a singular, distinctive colour sensibility is a critical part of everything we touch, and from season to season, we are dedicated to exploring colour in uniquely engaging combinations. We've never met a colour we didn't like.





Before beginning any product prototype, we spec out each critical measurement, illustrating every detail needed. If a sweater’s design is more complex, we meticulously graph an actual size lay out against our sketches, ensuring that our manufacturing partners understand exactly what we want. We are exacting and demanding and suspect you are too.




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Our policy is to relentlessly focus on getting even the most minute details right. Every detail counts and details are the building blocks of quality.

Our sweaters are fully-fashioned, never cut and sewn. We fashion our sweaters around necklines, armholes, on the sleeve seam, and certain side seams. Fashioning is the most traditional, complex way of making a sweater. Each pattern piece is “knitted to exact shape”, with each edge shaped by increasing or decreasing the number of stitches in order to yield the exact measurements needed. The hallmark of full fashioning can be seen in the resulting “full fashioning marks” – a fine pattern where we see that, e.g. two stitches have been joined as one in order to achieve the desired increase or decrease in shape.

Our favourite knitting technique is intarsia, a time-honoured tradition that enables a knitted garment to be manipulated like an artist’s canvas. This technique makes pattern come to life via multiple colour changes within a given course. Historic intarsia was most often worked on hand machines with specific colour limitations. Our partners have pushed the bar for us using state-of-the-art machinery to create complex patterns with many colours. The jacquard technique, utilizing entwined yarns and colours in a compound finish, offers even more flexibility in creating patterns.

Stripes are a brand obsession, often in non-repeating patterns, multiple colours, unusual juxtapositions or combined with textures and stitch work. Likewise intricate patchwork, patched effects and colour- blocking are brand signatures, often difficult to execute. Our knitwear can demand expertise with applique, embroidery, openwork, beading, ribbons and historic handmade finishes such as crochet. Our sweaters are painstakingly linked together in a traditional manner. Our shoulder seam, defined by a distinctive, raised outseam, is placed slightly forward for a finer fit. The hand of our knitwear is achieved by finishing each garment with meticulous washing at the appropriate temperatures, then blocking to exact shape. Our shirts have a fine amount of stitches per inch and are finished with French seams and flat felling. Our proprietary prints, patterns, graphics and branding are based on our own in-house artwork, always created by hand with brush and paint, pen and ink or pencil and pastel. We wouldn't think of cutting corners.